Tourism & Sports!!!

Afadjato Agumatsa Tourism District Ghana 🇬🇭

There is no doubt, when we tour, we exercise. A perfect marriage would yield Sustainability and provide health and happiness. This positive link between tourism and sports is realizing a massive recognition in the tourism village of LIATI WOTE . Among the numerous site seeings, wildlife, and vocational enhancements , there is a growing interest and investment in sports and agro productions as well. Sports such as: Football, Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball are now becoming the choice of young people, and soon the village football gala is largly known!!!

Taking lessons from their local masters and drowning inspiration from lay spectators and fans who chants motivational songs and phrases the players are mostly happy when tourist and visitors stand by with a weave. Yes when you offer a little gaze, they give the best show. A situation which makes most visitors to postpone their exit.

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