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Our custom itineraries and trips all round Ghana 🇬🇭 are always guaranteed to have you smile… Plan your most imagined adventure and have your smooth explore with our joyous travel diary… @detitravelandtour Immortal Experiences 👁️

what do you want to see…? From history to culture, adventure with all the smiling site seeing, hiking, wildlife, beach making, theater experiences amongst others…

Adventure the almighty Afadjato Region..

It’s the tallest mountain in Ghana 🇬🇭. Situated in the Volta Region with a hight of about 3000ft… you will love it for all your hiking, hunting and camping experiences…
Afadjato is perfectly married to the pretty Tagbo waterfalls and is best for your sight seeing and swimming experiences…

OSU CASTLE is perfect to start your tour in Accra. from various historical transitions, the slave trade to the sit of government.

Queen Elizabeth stayed there on her visit to Ghana 🇬🇭. Right in Accra the OSU CASTLE is serving various offices of government today…

cultures and kingship

Explore the divers culture of Ghana 🇬🇭 in like sense from all the narrations to practice

AKWAABA!!! You are in Ghana 🇬🇭 relax and enjoy all the richness. I am Kwame the nation’s tour guide 🎸 +233203848982

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