Let’s do together Ghana’s tallest point… it’s about 3000ft. Afadjato is the nation’s tallest mountain…it is located in the agumatsa range. Standing all alone and surrounded by such chain of mountains, the valleys of Afadjato is so rich and perfect for your photo making, hunting, and camping experiences

My custom Itineraries and Tours are best for your groups, families friends and your solo comes with honey bee 🐝 and palm wine distillation experiences amidst cultural displays..

This ever green Forrest ( the valleys of Afadjato) is also the host of the nation’s prettiest waterfalls ( Tagbo waterfalls ). having it’s root from Togo, it falls right over the agumatsa range of mountains and forms a pool right at the base where it meanders through the forest to play it’s domestic role for the people of the land..

from Afadjato to Togo(mount Agu)

your activities in the Afadjato region if you want to explore all aspects can take up up from 3 to 7 days… apart from the cultural and hunting experiences, with a little efforts over the mountains (Akwapim Togo range) you are right in Togo. Mount Agu is the tallest mountain in Togo…

Hospitality in Afadjato

don’t worry about where to stay and what to eat. the modern accommodations, and restaurants in the Afadjato region is always a pleasure for your visits… +233203848982


Add to your experiences amazing wildlife watching. The Gbledi Gbogame Ghana πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ wildlife conservation is a great project in the Afadjato Agumatsa forest it is common with lots of tall trees with medicinal value and shelter for birds and nature. Though it is still in a state of work, you will appreciate such adventurous site with great geomorphology and the passing of free animals.

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