Girls@ work

Obviously, the unfolding of scenes in the Great Britain has stirred a mix feeling of seriocomedy;first , the peaceful turn up of Liz Truss,the Queen’s journey,Kwasi Kwarteng,…However, the general situation with the emergence of industrious faces us;Prime minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand,President Droupadi Murmu of India,Vice president Kamela Haris of the US,Prime minister RobinahContinue reading “Girls@ work”

honestly, when I hear them talk ‘ unity ‘ , am like why not just say ‘ tour ‘, for when people tour the world unites..welcome to Deti Travel and Tour 🌍, where we defined tourism to meet an all round meaning… – talk the Sustainability Development Goals 🌳– talk partnerships β˜” and social developmentsContinue reading

at Deti Travel and Tour πŸŒ

wouldn’t you rather prefer a perfect itinerary combined with expert guiding to offer your visit the sweetness and excitement that makes a memorable trip✈️at Deti Travel and Tour 🌍.. excellence is our image…plan your next vacation, group, solo or business expedition to Ghana πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ and book with confidence under our ImmortalπŸ‘οΈ Experience programam Kwame theContinue reading “at Deti Travel and Tour πŸŒ”