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Obviously, the unfolding of scenes in the Great Britain has stirred a mix feeling of seriocomedy;first , the peaceful turn up of Liz Truss,the Queen’s journey,Kwasi Kwarteng,…However, the general situation with the emergence of industrious faces us;Prime minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand,President Droupadi Murmu of India,Vice president Kamela Haris of the US,Prime minister Robinah Nabbanja of Uganda…and other severals , is meaning a strong boost to women participation and involvement.Not to merely justify the historic saying ‘ what man can do woman can do better ‘ ‘ but humans are humans ‘.At least it is proving that, only girls who exist to be married becomes the victims of male chauvinistsDoes this mean any positives to the United Nation’s efforts to realize gender equality…?As we wish the current King Charles III, Prime minister Sunak and the entire Albion the smoothness and all cordiality.,we pray the Queen’s ever living presence nurtures more able girls and remain unto us all a mother!!!do you wish to explore the historic OSU CASTLE…?It is the very castle the Queen resided on her visit to Ghana 🇬🇭I am Kwame the nation’s tour guide ğŸŽ¸…. AKWABAA 🥰

Published by devikwame

tour operator, researcher, photo making

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