Sustainability and investment.. tourism and travel..

‘ The unit of economic activities is what unites a people ‘. It creates a chain of interdependent relationship… In terms of living, what makes most meaning to live is work.
The occupation (source of living )of people would always be their gold… yes they would do anything possible to preserve it , for their children and children childrens(posterity) …it is true that man’s advancement and conquest of nature (civilization) as much as it might be a blessing to mankind, the too much emphasis has equally lead to a life without guarantee.. and a system of harsh survival!!
For this the world cries and even the world unborn…
To make it sustainable, the tourism and travel industry must began a permanent program for worldwide partnerships and collaborations between similar industries like itself: sanitation industry, transport industry, security industry,
Agriculture industry,
Sports industry
music industry
food and drinks industry answer the questions of unemployment, climate change and global warming as lamented by the United Nations also…
This will also help in the promotion of green living, green jobs, green economy and development…we in Ghana 🇬🇭 are taking great steps and would like to invite all persons, organizations, institutions, companies, industry players and the whole world to a mutual support , and understanding

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Let’s talk Tourism to make the world a paradiso…🌻

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