Tour Ghana 🇬🇭

Visit a destination… for the love of the people👨‍👨‍👧
the good of the land🌾
the freshness of the Waters💦
the diversity of culture🦓
the beauty of the beaches🏄
the sanity of her streets.🚦.
great history🏫
experience a natural vibration of tolerance, peace and security…
at Deti Travel and Tour 🌍 have all the adventure, rich foods, good music, best hotel reservations, transport and business tips
under our Immortal Experience program
with over 30 historic forts and castles, several traditional buildings, mountains, waterfalls nature reserves, theaters and world trade centers..
Ghana 🇬🇭 is home to all of what adventure…

Published by devikwame

tour operator, researcher, photo making

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