do not be deceived!!!
A perfect God created a perfect people , the general excuse by men that ‘ they are humans therefore fallible , and that it’s only GOD infallible from whom perfection is required is just to justify their deliberate inability to impose upon themselves that required discipline and nature viable for the peaceful, loving, caring, equal rights and justice, UNITED, healthy (paradise) world they are so eagerly religious about
If we are genuine in our pursuit , then we must immediately resort to means of production and living more natural and less harmful to nature
though I will not like to bore you with words, I should take this opportunity to state that, what men are BORN for is always perfect in them and should be given the chance to do just that !!!
we must defined a United World to meet a system of zero wars, equal Rights, Justice, Responsibilities, and privileges, good morals and education, easy access to social facilities and of work and happiness…@detitravelandtour🌍

Published by devikwame

tour operator, researcher, photo making

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