Sustainable tourism

I still hold firmly to the knowledge… ‘sustainable tourism is the way forward ‘. The issues of climate change and global warming is a clear case of threat to NATURE compelling individuals, companies, organizations, policy makers, institutions and governments to as a matter of haste get up and find out a natural way of doing things and strengthening their economies …

This, I think calls for a worldwide🌍 discuss on the subject of tourism and how tourists, destinations, individuals, industries, institutions , international bodies and governments can contribute their quotum to finding a lasting solutions to the problems of unemployment, sanitation, health and ‘ development ‘ …
I wish to use this means to call for partnerships and collaborations between all parties of interest and industry players to help support lives and maintain GREEN LIVING…. for the world is only better when MEN make better decisions…
…..a one 🌍 agenda….

Published by devikwame

tour operator, researcher, photo making

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