This Covid…

with the huge increase and hike in infections and great shortage in vaccines,… ‘the covid ‘ one would say has zilch remedy… yet a further look at things may revailled a more threatening issue, in times like this my heart goes out to not only humans but animals and the whole of nature

with this I mean to refer our general attention to the specific role of humans, to be most of all caretakers and not only consumers of nature…thus to say nature would never be complete without humans and covid must not be allowed to threaten the peace of such existence I mean to strongly emphasis that there is a long enough relationship established among and enjoyed by the various elements of nature (humans, animals, plants…) which has to be brought back as an absolute showstopper to such a deadly as covid

If science has failed, we must revert to various means as cultural and herbal which are most natural and familiar to the human body… Afforestation and studies of herbs must be greatly encouraged …I mean there is no doubt that our health is endangered due to our less attention to environmental protection and safety to plants, animals…

Published by devikwame

tour operator, researcher, photo making

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